June 2023

What do I do if an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) thinks I am someone else? With a backlog in the courts, there can be circumstances where people have moved since a court hearing took place and this results in an Enforcement Age...

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My housemate has received a Notice of Enforcement, are my possessions at risk? If you have a housemate that receives a letter of enforcement, it is always advised to encourage them to speak to the enforcement company and res...

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Can an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) take away a car that is on finance? Enforcement agents (EAs) have the legal right to clamp a vehicle while they make enquires about its status (for a minimum of 2 hours before it can be rem...

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What can and cannot be taken by Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs)? Around 40% of overdue Council Tax debt is collected at the Compliance Stage before a visit ever takes place. Paying what is owed early means local authorities rec...

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Can enforcement agents (bailiffs) force entry into my home? Enforcement agents (EAs) have more powers than standard debt collectors. They can legally enter a home through any open or unlocked door. They can visit households ...

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