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A major reform to civil enforcement was announced in September 2019 with an independently-monitored code of practice that sets a new standard for bailiffs. All members of CIVEA have signed up to the code, which involves a detailed compliance audit and review by an independent panel.

How does it work?

The code of practice sets standards over and beyond statutory regulations and is a voluntary initiative by CIVEA members. The code can be downloaded here

The code is backed by a new compliance procedure with a strong element of independence. All CIVEA members are assessed by a specialist auditor to ensure that they comply with the code.

The self-regulation process is scrutinised by an independent panel of experts, the Compliance, Adjudication and Review of Enforcement (CARE) Panel.

The CARE Panel will receive reports from a compliance auditor and will review and certify the findings.

What is the CARE Panel?

The CARE Panel has 4 core functions to support self-regulation:

  1. It receives reports from the Code auditor on CIVEA members’ conduct and compliance.
  2. It reviews complaints submitted to CIVEA where a final decision has been made by a member (this only applies to HMCTS and transport-related complaints).
  3. It offers expert advice to the CIVEA executive. It may also offer expert observations on industry-related matters.

The members of the CARE Panel are: 

Dr Wendy Kennett, Lecturer at Law School, Cardiff University

David Pickering, former CEO of Lending Standards Board and compliance specialist

Caroline Wells, vulnerable consumer and complaints expert

Sheila Harding, industry expert and founder of Bailiff Advice Online

The CARE Panel members are independent consultants with no commercial interests in the industry. They act as a supervisor of industry standards and work for the benefit of debtors’ experience of the enforcement process.

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If you wish to make a complaint against a member of CIVEA, please go to our complaints page and follow the procedure detailed there. Your email will be acknowledged within 5 working days.

CIVEA is unable to discuss complaint matters over the telephone and complaints should be sent in writing. This is to ensure that the details of your complaint are accurately recorded and understood which makes it easier in addressing your complaint thoroughly. Please advise if you have a disability, so that we can make reasonable adjustments.

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