Inspiration, collaboration and fresh energy.

Inspiration, collaboration and fresh energy.

Sarah Naylor, Vice President of CIVEA, shares her thoughts and ambitions in her new role with CIVEA.

As the youngest, and second female, Vice President for CIVEA since its establishment in 2011, I’m really proud and honoured to have been appointed by my peers, especially as I recognise that the next four years are crucial for our industry.

With my parents, Colin and Elaine Naylor, setting up Dukes Bailiffs Limited in 1993, I’ve pretty much grown up with enforcement, and I watched it evolve from the sidelines until I joined our family business in 2015. Since then, building on the Taking Control of Goods Regulations, my passion for ethical enforcement and breaking the stigma associated with it has grown with each sunset.

Over the past two years, I have been inspired by our former President, Carole Kenney. Not only because she was a fierce female leader in a (largely) male-dominated industry, but because I wholeheartedly agreed with her approach to leading the industry. As a confident and capable young female, I believe I bring fresh energy and perspective, as well as new ideas to the committee.

As we continue to work through the new Enforcement Conduct Board (ECB), and face a new era of enforcement, post pandemic, I felt this was the perfect time for me to stand for Vice President, sharing my values and core focuses to help achieve CIVEA’s ambitious goals and strategies. Now I’m in the role, my initial focus has been to support Paul Whyte in his tenure as President, and to sustain the upward trajectory and momentum gained over the past two years.

Driving innovation and continuing to champion a change of perception about enforcement is also top of my agenda, alongside continuing the campaign for a fee review. The last three months have been exciting and eventful, especially attending the Select Committee Hearing and watching Paul and Russell Hamblin-Boone effortlessly articulate how enforcement has and continues to evolve; whilst outlining what is a necessary enterprise to support the public purse as well as other social, economic and environmental causes.

With the imminent launch of the ECB, it has been fantastic to work with Catherine and make relationships with the newly appointed board on behalf of the Committee. I’m excited to help mould the oversight body, how it will work and ensure maximum impact for our industry; for enforcement companies, clients and customers alike.

Finally, I wanted to express my gratitude to Russell, Paul, Frances Richardson and the Executive Committee. Paul recently said, ‘I have always been impressed by that fact that despite the vibrant competition within the industry, relationships work well between companies for the better good of what we do.’ I attest to this and would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support to date.

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