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Civil Enforcement Agency

The Civil Enforcement Association

CIVEA is an independently funded association formed to represent all private certificated bailiffs in England and Wales.

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Civil Enforcement

Civil Enforcement Agents

"The use of bailiffs to enforce debts by seizing goods has long been the most effective and controversial method of debt collection available in English Law."

- Citizens Advice 2006

Code Of Practice

Promoting higher industry standards in Civil Enforcement, we have drawn up a code of practice to fulfil our aims.

CIVEA members agree to abide by the Code of Practice and adhere to the National Standards for Civil Enforcement Agents.

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Q.What is the formal complaints procedure?

Our complaints procedures are fully funded by the association...

Q.How can CIVEA help with formal complaints?

If you have a concern about a certificated bailiff, CIVEA may be able to assist in the complaints procedure...

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