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Bolton Parking Case

14th July 2011

On 22nd June 2011 his Honour Judge Holman, sitting at Bolton County Court, nailed the twin myths that warrants of execution from the Traffic Enforcement Centre were invalid if they were not issued to an enforcement company in paper format by the relevant authority and/or that a copy of the warrant was not produced upon demand by the debtor.

The cottage industry that has been building up upon these two spurious contentions has finally been shown to be giving false hope and ill-informed advice to those foolish enough to support it financially.

The involvement, in this case, of a paid advisor who was not legally qualified to represent the defendant was soundly criticised by the judge who dismissed his application for ‘right of audience’ and was highly critical of the quality of the submissions that he had prepared and the legal arguments made.

It is, however, unfortunate that the defendant in this particular case is likely to pay a high financial penalty through poor advice from those seeking to profit from his misfortune and enhance their own business interests.

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