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Beat the Bailiff - Go to Jail

6th January 2013

Over recent years members of CIVEA have experienced a steady increase in both the number and seriousness of attacks against bailiffs. More alarmingly, there has also been an increasing tendency for weapons to be used in such attacks.

It is CIVEA's stance, and that of its members, that such attacks on individuals enforcing court orders and warrants are despicable and should always be reported to the police for prosecution. One recent case, involving an axe attack on a bailiff, was dealt with at Exeter Crown Court and the attacker received an immediate eight month jail sentence. Fortunately the axe missed the bailiff. In another recent case two bailiffs who had been allowed peaceable ccess to premises by the debtor were attacked by two other individuals armed with swords. Both were convicted of assault. In yet another case, in which two bailiffs who were legitimately attemting to clamp a debtors car, the debtor repeatedly tried to run over the bailiffs. He was convicted of assault and sent to prison.

We hope such cases, and other similar ones, send a clear message to debtors that attacks on bailiffs will be dealt with through the courts and could lead to a lengthy term of imprisonment.

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