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Exposure TV Programme - 31.10.11

31st October 2011

The Civil Enforcement Association expects its members to adhere to the industry guidelines wherever appropriate and has a clear complaints procedure in case that does not occur. The behaviour of the enforcement officer filmed for the ITV ‘Exposure’ television programme broadcast on Monday 31st October 2011 was in clear breach of industry guidelines and the company policies of his employer. His employer has in consequence taken the strongest possible action in terminating his contract.
The programme highlighted the over-complexity of the fee structure which bailiffs are required to operate and the confusion and frustration that it generates. It is for this very reason that the members of the Association have been working alongside organisations such as MIND and the Citizens Advice Bureau to urge the government to reform the centuries-old regulations and fee structures to create a simpler, clearer system with transparent, capped fees to ensure that unpaid fines and taxes are collected in the most effective way.

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