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Application Procedures

For all applications, whether for Corporate, Private or Student membership, CIVEA requires a completed application form for the appropriate type of membership, a cheque (made payable to CIVEA) - for the first month's membership with regard to Corporate membership and for the full membership subscription with regard to Private and Student membership. Corporate members will be required to either set up a BACS payment for future monthly payments or a standing order (details can be obtained from the Director General). The association will also require further information which is detailed on the appropriate application forms including up-to-date accounts for companies and businesses for Corporate membership applications or a copy of the current bailiff certificate and details of a private individual's experience in the enforcement industry for those applying for Private membership. In all cases, the application will be considered at the next association meeting held after receipt of all necessary documentation.

An Invitation to Membership

Corporate members are entitled to send a representative to CIVEA member meetings where policy issues are discussed. Corporate members run the association and elect the Executive Council. All corporate members receive free bailiff bonds upon request. Corporate members can use the association logo on their own website and on their company literature. They can also have a link to their own website and, if they wish to do so, display their contact details on the Membership page of this website.

Private membership is open to any practising bailiff or enforcement agent and Student membership is available to any individual who wishes to become an enforcement agent and is undergoing (or is about to undergo) training with one of our Corporate members.

A Private Member is entitled to the following benefits:

  • Information on current developments, sent to a personal e-mail address
  • A free certificated bailiff's bond (as required under the current regulations)
  • An opportunity to voice opinions on developments and influence changes
  • Brief personal contact details displayed on this website (not business details)

A Private Member is a member of the association as an individual. If he/she is also the principal, director or employee of an enforcement business there is no legitimate legal use of the association's logo on behalf of that business nor should there be any implication that the business is a member of the association. However, the association welcomes small enforcement businesses to become corporate members of the association.

Although membership of a professional body is not, at present, compulsory we believe that when the new licensing requirements are introduced it will be to the individual's advantage to be able to demonstrate membership over a period of time.

What else does CIVEA offer?

  • CIVEA is concerned about fee levels and has been instrumental in achieving increases in enforcement fees across the spectrum of enforcement activity. We continue to work with the Ministry of Justice, and other Government departments and agencies, to ensure a fair deal for enforcement agents and agencies, regardless of their size.
  • Through membership interaction our leading member companies provide information about new techniques. This is for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
  • All members participate in the CIVEA Independent Complaints procedure. This gives clients the assurance that they require.

What does the future hold?

We are currently undergoing unprecedented changes in the enforcement business. It is, therefore, not only vital to keep abreast with developments but to influence to our advantage. The most important example is our liaison with the Government in relation to the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and the consequent regulations that will come into force. We continue to work with the Ministry of Justice and the Security Industry Authority on the development of new regulation and licensing proposals for the enforcement industry. We have produced an extensive document detailing the case for a simplified fee structure applicable across all debt types that can be readily understood by everyone. This has already received the support of other organisations such as the BPA and is currently being studied by the Ministry of Justice.

Subscription rates

  • Corporate membership (corporate) from £200 per month*
  • Private membership (Individual) £432 each calendar year** payable on 1st May

* Dependant upon the number of bailiff bonds issued this may increase. Please contact the Director General for full details.

**Entitled to one free bailiff bond whilst membership is current.