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Application Procedure

For corporate membership the association requires a copy of the most up-to-date accounts to be submitted together with a completed application form, a cheque* for the first month's subscription and a completed standing order for subsequent subscriptions - this can be obtained from the Director General upon request.

In the case of a newly-formed business, membership may be granted on the strict understanding that such accounts will be submitted at the earliest opportunity and that continued membership is subject to those accounts being satisfactory.

For Private membership the association requires, in addition to a completed application form, a cheque* for the annual membership, a copy of the current bailiff certificate and brief details of experience within the enforcement industry including the type of enforcement carried out and the businesses for which the applicant has worked and when.

In the case of an individual who seeks to become a certificated bailiff, membership may be granted if the application is supported by evidence of suitable training that has been undertaken or will be undertaken and details are provided of the business in which the applicant will be working.

In all cases the application will be considered at the next association meeting held after receipt of all the necessary documentation. Any bailiff bonds that are required from the association will be available for request after the date of membership confirmation. Bailiff bonds cannot be issued to persons who have neither Private membership of the association nor who work for, and whose bond is applied for on their behalf by, a corporate member of the association.

*cheques should be made payable to CIVEA