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CIVEA is an independently funded association formed to represent all private certificated bailiffs (enforcement agents) in England and Wales. It brings the benefits of experience and knowledge across the whole spectrum of civil enforcement activity.

"The use of bailiffs to enforce debts by seizing goods has long been the most effective and controversial method of debt collection available in English Law."
- Citizens Advice 2006

CIVEA sets and enforces standards that are complemented by training and education. In conjunction with the IRRV it has developed a training package that has become a national standard for enforcement agents. It has a Code of Conduct and Good Practice Guide that is mandatory for all its members.

CIVEA offers Private and Corporate membership to all civil enforcement businesses regardless of their size or aspirations.

The Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) was formed through the amalgamation of two established trade associations in the civil enforcement industry; the Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies (ACEA) and the Enforcement Services Association (ESA). Both had a proud tradition of promoting higher standards in the industry and can trace their roots back to the formation of the Certificated Bailiffs Association (CBA) in 1906. CIVEA thus became the single voice for private certificated bailiffs in England and Wales.

The association is run by an Executive Council which comprises twelve Councillors, each elected at the Annual General meeting of the association, and from which a President, Vice President and Treasurer are selected. In addition the immediate past President of the association forms part of the Executive Council for a period of two years. The association also appoints a Director General to administer the association on a day-to-day basis.

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